Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Fragrance of the Earth

There's a morning each Spring when I awake and as I'm just coming awake, thinking or saying a morning prayer, going about my usual morning habits and human rituals I'll become aware of the unfrozen Earth in a special way. It's more unconscious than conscious to begin with, a sense that I'm noticing something just outside my field of vision. Sure, I might have noticed the ground beginning to soften a bit beneath my feet or noticed less chill in the air but what is especially precious is the moment when my body senses the fragrance of the Earth. I've talked about this to my friends and we marvel at the tantalizing and startling awareness and senses we have within ourselves. There's a deeply resonant connection that is remade each year at this time. It is now that the first Thunder comes to wake the plants and trees. And us. Mother Earth and the Grandfathers and Grandmothers awake us to Spring time!

What does this mean? What can it mean to creative people? Every person finds their own answers. I believe it's important and helpful to find some answer which connects us to these powers and presences in Creation. So I wish you a good journey this Spring, listening and learning as I myself will be trying as best I can to slow down and experience the Oneness, smelling the fragrance of the Earth newly melted and moist finally, after the cold and ice. Earth's fragrance as our living Mother and Grandmother in the Circle of Life, nurturing us as we rediscover our natural place on the Hoop.

In arid lands like the area where I was born there is a special sacred smell that comes when rain comes to the dry Earth. I know my life moves too fast at times and I'm so busy that I often miss these fragrances. They can be a reminder to me to slow down, to remember what I notice when I'm attentive to Creation and the Hoop of life, all around us, all the time. As creative people we can find peace and good energy from balancing our senses and being attentive to the Dance.

On Friday, April 20 I will have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Eric Maisel about his new book, Ten Zen Seconds. I've seen a pre-publishing copy and I feel absolutely sure that many of us will blossom and expand our creative energy and creative productivity from the practice he's going to teach us about. I can't wait! The focus for part of my conversation with Eric will be how practice of Ten Zen Seconds can help people who are challenged by issues of PTSD, severe anxiety and recovery from addiction. These are serious, challenging and important topics - it is Spring, the time of Mother Earth's re-awaking and renewal and it is the perfect time for this discussion!

Enjoy the fragrance of the Earth!