Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hope for people experiencing anxiety and PTSD

Today was a day of filing and desk work in my studio and as I tidied my studio desk and drawing area I was thoughtful about the questions I will be asking Dr. Eric Maisel during my interview with him next Friday when we discuss his new book, Ten Zen Seconds. Eric Maisel is a thoughtful, creative and helpful expert in the area of creativity and he's been engaged in this work for more than two decades. His style of helpful, compassionate insight and motivation has empowered many people in a good way - including those called to do creative work as painters, writers, musicians, sculptors, weavers, potters, playwrights, you name it. His books, workshops, talks, web and blog provide creative and inspiring resources for just about anyone.

I was invited to choose a focus area for the interview - a question or two in an area of special interest. I'm interested in how the centering technique in Eric's new book Ten Zen Seconds can be applied to alleviate or eliminate symptoms of anxiety and post traumatic stress. And, along with a thoughtful and careful approach with a medical professional if you're taking prescription medication, possibly even allow some folks to re-evaluate how they treat the condition. Clearly that's not the goal of the centering technique. I've experienced the symptoms of severe anxiety and PTSD, and having experienced a great amount of healing I know that even small positive changes can feel immensely empowering and hopeful. When I share my stories I'm always surprised by the incredible number of women and men challenged by these conditions.

I've been aware of Eric Maisel's work as a creativity expert for many years and I'm very excited to share this interview with you. I hope one or many of you will find a way to experience reduced symptoms or a new freedom from anxiety or PTSD. Anything is possible.

Drop in again on Friday, April 20, to catch that interview with Eric.

The Eagle feather reminds us to strive towards wisdom and courage, one day at a time.

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