Saturday, August 18, 2007

Low key and soft values on a rainy Saturday

Light and dark. Aspects of painting and life itself; values get a lot of discussion in both art and life as well. Well, I need plenty of good lighting in my studio today, as the rain falls and clouds keep the sun cloistered. The colors in the land and sky are soft and the values are darker. I'm not keen to go out and paint in weather like this! I admire those who do. Rain water running up my coat sleeve just isn't appealing in spite of how pretty and soft everything looks in this weather.

As I think about the creative goals I have this summer I invite you to think back on what you decided to accomplish in your creative life over the summer months. How's that going for you? Are your nurturing the things you truly value? We make our plans, god willing and the creek don't rise. We can all be waylaid by all that life brings along which we didn't plan so, all that aside, have you made steps toward your creative goals? Have you set down some goals with clarity which you feel are probably essential as you move towards your big goals and dreams? Have you deliberately and courageously named two or three supporters who you trust and believe will be open-minded, positive and able to support your work towards your goals and dreams? Have you asked for their support? Have you written to the galleries that handle work like yours? There's a lot of work that gets done behind the scenes. It's as important as our hands-on creative work.

I hope you feel pleased with the progress you're making. It's easy to belittle the progress we make. Somehow, we rewrite history so tasks look bigger when they're ahead and smaller when they're in the past! I hope you're being reasonably patient with yourself and others. All great artists trip over their feet from time to time, not to mention all the other debris there is to trip on on the Highway of Life. Persistence with a good dollop of kindness wins the day. Focus on working from love not fear, and keep moving forward. Celebrate every accomplishment, small and large - your own and those of people you care about. And help each other have fun along the way!

Now, where did I put my summer 'to do' list?

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