Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coming in 2008 - interview with Eric Maisel author and creativity expert

Thinking about buying a 2008 calendar? Here's a heads-up about an inspiring opportunity coming to the Creative Circle Cafe in early 2008. You'll want to put this on your calendar, Babe!

I'm very pleased to tell you that Dr. Eric Maisel, renowned author and creativity expert, will visit the Creative Circle Cafe again in February 2008 as part of his whirlwind international book tour celebrating a new edition of his book, The Van Gogh Blues. Eric will respond to questions and share insights about the concepts explained in the book. It's a privilege to have Eric visit with us again to explore deep questions about meaning-making, creativity and the unique depression that can trouble creative people.

Weekly interviews with Eric from his book tour will be posted and are sure to offer support, ideas and nourishment for your creative spirit. I hope you'll join us. I will post links to all the book tour sites here at the Cafe blog so check back if you feel like it for more news about this and other opportunities to support your creative life and work. From the book The Van Gogh Blues by Dr. Eric Maisel, "Meaning is our territory, and casualties on the battlefield of meaning are our subjects. Depression in creative people is essentially a meaning problem and must be handled by a meaning expert: you. Right now you may not consider yourself a meaning expert or even understand the phrase. But as you read along, you will come to understand what a meaning expert is, what she does, and why you must become one."

Drop me an email if you like, about this or any other topic in your creative life.

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