Friday, October 20, 2006

Nurturing dreams

Yesterday (Saturday, August 19, 2006) I had the great privilege of attending the graduation ceremony for my husband, Richard Watson, who had completed school to become a licensed massage therapist and therapeutic bodyworker. The group of adults in the graduation ceremony had all recently completed their programs and are now officially joining the ranks of professional massage therapists and bodyworkers. We heard stories from some graduating students and from teachers and faculty. I was very moved and inspired by their intent to serve others, to help people heal themselves, and provide compassion and guidance to others on that journey. Some of these graduating students had experienced a good deal of hardship and performed amazing feats of self-discipline to achieve this dream of graduating from their bodywork program. Many of them cared for their families, communities and others while continuing with school. Some of them had to overcome their own negative self-talk, as well as allaying the doubts and fears of other people. But they made it through. They held fast to their dream and they kept moving forward, one class at a time. What a wonderful reminder of the many such kind and good people amongst us.

As an artist and creativity coach for other artists, I've learned this negative self-talk habit is a common trait amongst artists - as well as in the larger community. Not to say that other people don't experience this habit but, research and anecdotal experiences indicate it's especially common in artists and actively creative people. Many of my artist colleagues and friends express a real need for reminders of the grace and kindness in the world because they consciously give attention to areas that are difficult or challenging to think about, as they determine where the inspiration for their next work should be.

Well, yesterday's graduation ceremony was one of those times when, unbidden, an unexpected depth of grace and beauty slipped into my life and I was fully awake to the beauty of it. Thank you to my husband, Richard, and all those graduates for that. What a gift!

Nurture your dreams!

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