Sunday, December 10, 2006


What is that quote about "the longest journey begins with a single step"? This is particularly meaningful in my musings today about my work as a creativity coach and the challenges artists face in their work. Oftentimes the hardest step is either the first one out of bed onto the floorboards or else it is taking the steps necessary to go from point A (where the artist is now) to point B (the artists workspace - studio - desk - piano - kitchen table - a workshop - whatever).

There's no avoiding make the journey from A to B if we intend to be active, producing artists.

If you get stuck moving from A to B and you can see that this continues to diminish the quality of your creative work, your self esteem as well as your productivity then it is your job as a professional to target this behavior for serious but compassionate remedial work. It will be worth your time and effort to do as a gift for yourself and for your creative work.

Moving from A to B is fertile ground because it's the physical, emotional and spiritual move into your creative space, but unless we actually arrive at B ready to do our creative work, then we may find we're unable to move towards the next sacred creative place where our work requires us to go. Give yourself the gift of enlightenment about the journey from A to B. My post Recommended Reading List #1 provides resources that if applied with love, determination and regular practice will lift from your creative shoulders the weight of being barred from arriving at your creative work-space and the work itself. I hope you'll find something helpful in this suggested reading. There are good creativity coaching who can help, too, if you're interested in other tools for creative development.

Happy journeys from A to B and beyond!