Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Van Gogh Blues and "How Purpose Heals Depression" podcast with Dr. Eric Maisel

Hello, everyone. I have some lovely, inspirational opportunities for you all as we begin our sojourn in 2008, providing gentle and insightful ways to heal and successfully manage the recurrent depression most creative people experience. Incidentally this material can be used by anybody not only those who identify as creative people.

Opportunity number one is to sit back today, tune in and listen to Dr. Eric Maisel's podcast Your Purpose-Centered Life, where he's currently chatting about “How Purpose Heals Depression,” a nine-part series directly related to his book, The Van Gogh Blues which has just appeared in paperback from New World Library. Here's the URL if the direct link doesn't work for you: /214-purpose-centered-life. Many of you are already familiar with the work of Eric Maisel, Ph.D., author of more than thirty books, recognized expert in the area of creativity, psychologist, creativity coach and trainer of creativity coaches.

I hope you'll check back here at the Cafe for my interview with Dr. Eric Maisel on Friday, February 15 as part of his virtual book tour chatting about The Van Gogh Blues. The book tour runs from January 14 through February 23 with daily interviews, each one with a little different focus. Next week I'll post the full book tour schedule.

Pick up a copy of the book for yourself or an artist in your life.

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