Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creative splash

Earlier today I wrote about meaning-making on my other blog called Walking The Circle Home. After writing that blog I thought I'd share some ideas that came up about creativity and it's place and meaning in our lives. We can't just "find" creativity just as we can't just "find" meaning but we can definitely support and manage the discovery of our creativity. We can be eager and alert for opportunities to explore our creativity with hope and vigor. If we don't feel hope and vigor we can try our best to fake it. It could become real. What do you have to lose?

Creativity that has staying power I think comes essentially from the heart. I'm not talking about a wage-earner who must create, I'm talking about passion. Passion comes from the heart. I believe that devoting our efforts for the good of other people will increase our staying power. As I said earlier to day effort that is devoted to furthering personal aims and ego will feel shallow eventually, perhaps so late in life it will carry a heavy burden of regret.

Our creative work can be traced by to cave drawings that are thousands of years old. Using ash and ochre our creative ancestors made creative marks to describe something of life, meaning and method. Creativity is inherent in our human nature. Nurture your creativity, it is sacred and honorable - hopefully used in the service of goodness and justice.

This week I invite you to take your creative work a step further in some way. It's entirely up to you, it's a free pass for a bit of creative freedom or expressiveness or joyful abandon. Perhaps an experimental your preferred creative medium of the day. Throw your arms wide and grasp something new and bright - have the brisk cold splash of a new creative experiment make you gasp with surprise. I'll try to do that same.Please share a comment about your experience if you feel like it.

Happy creative splash!


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Courtney Putnam said...

What a marvelous blog you have, Pamela! And this post is giving me just the right amount of creative permission to "push" myself. I'll report back on the results of my "joyful abandon"!